Getting Started

StaticKit is the modern way to gather form submissions from your static site. It works great with React-based generators, like Next.js and Gatsby, and traditional HTML-based generators, like Jekyll and Hugo.

Install the CLI

Install the command line interface with npm:

npm i -g @statickit/cli

Configure your site

Your config lives in a statickit.json file at the root of your project. You can edit it by hand or use the CLI to perform common tasks. Run the following to create a config file, add a contact form, and deploy it.

statickit forms add contact-form "Contact Form"
statickit deploy -k <your-deploy-key>

It's a good idea to commit your statickit.json file to version control.

Wire up your front-end

We have a few client libraries to help bind your front-end components to the StaticKit backend.

HTML: works great with Jekyll, Hugo, Middleman, etc.
React: works great with Gatsby, Next.js, etc.