applyTagsAdd a subscriber and apply tags

Apply tags

Adds a subscrber to ConvertKit and applies one or more tags. Under the hood, this action calls the tag a subscriber API endpoint. If the call fails, we'll retry it for you.

tags *ArrayA list of tags to apply to the subscriber
apiSecretString@convertkit-api-secretThe name of the StaticKit secret holding your API secret (must be a @secret reference)
dynamicFieldsObject{}A mapping of ConvertKit custom fields to form field names
staticFieldsObject{}Static values to set as ConvertKit custom fields
emailAddressFieldStringemailThe email address field name
firstNameFieldStringfirst_nameThe "first name" field name

Usage Example

"forms": {
"contact": {
"name": "Contact Form",
"actions": [
"app": "convertkit",
"type": "applyTags",
"tags": ["Newsletter"]