StaticKit is joining Formspree!

I’m excited to announce that StaticKit is joining Formspree to give users access to a larger set of actions including Google Sheets, Slack and more and leverage Formspree’s spam filtering features. To learn more about the benefits this acquisition will bring, check out Formspree’s announcement here.

The Backstory

StaticKit began with the mission of providing a suite of backend components alongside modern static site generators (like Next.js and Gatsby) and innovative hosting partners (like Vercel and Netlify). Over the past few months I’ve come to believe we can do a better job serving that mission by joining forces with Formspree.

Formspree was one of the first form backend-as-a-service providers and continues to be a mainstay of the form hosting ecosystem. Formspree has focused on creating an easy HTML experience, scaling it’s infrastructure, filtering spam, and building a suite of native plugins. When Cole and I started chatting, it became clear he shared our vision for serving JAMstack developers, too.

While the demand for developer-centric tooling for JAMstack developers is strong, I’ve come to believe that competition is not always in the best interests of the community. While competition can be beneficial, sometimes it makes sense to join forces instead of dividing efforts.

What does this mean for StaticKit?

To avoid running two applications with duplicate functionality, StaticKit will go offline on December 31, 2020. As of today, we'll no longer be accepting new signups to StaticKit, and billing for existing customers will cease.

Not to worry, the transition should be relatively smooth for a majority of StaticKit users. Formspree has forked the StaticKit CLI, React, and Client libraries and maintains very close interoperability with the statickit.json format.

For most, migrating will go something like this:

  1. Create a Formspree account
  2. Create a project for your site
  3. Replace your @statickit/ libraries with @formspree/ equivalents
  4. Rename statickit.json to formspree.json and deploy it

Check out the full migration guide

The Formspree team is standing by ready to help you migrate. We hope you’re excited as we are about this new chapter!