Accept payments without writing a line of backend code

Our Stripe integration allows you to design custom flows for one-time and recurring payments, hosted directly on your website.

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How It Works

Configure your Stripe functions in your statickit.json file and we’ll generate a custom npm package with TypeScript-enabled function definitions. This means you don’t have to make any fetch calls or learn any new low-level APIs.

All you have to do is call your functions.

Step 1
Configure your backend

"functions": {
"createCharge": {
"app": "stripe",
"type": "createCharge"

This is what astatickit.json file might look like.

Step 2
Deploy your config

$ statickit deploy

We'll install a@statickit/functionspackage for you.

Step 3
Talk to your backend with functions

import { createCharge } from '@statickit/functions';
let { status } = await createCharge(client, {
source: 'tok_vjf8d98ds8', // a card token from Stripe.js
amount: 2500

Ready to start building? Let us know and we’ll hook you up.